Our Association


In the Gärten der Begegnung, people from all generations and points of the compass come together. The grounds and events are basically open to all – everyone is welcome!

We pay attention to natural cultivation without artificial fertilisers and poisons. We try to garden in harmony with nature and in a resource-saving way by using rainwater, composting, natural landscaping and nesting aids for birds and wild bees.

In addition to gardening together, we organise intercultural, culinary and musical events.

What is special about the gardens is the high degree of internationality. The association sees itself as a forum in which new forms of communication emerge from the diversity of languages, ways of working, art and life experiences. 

The board of the association works according to the “Bamberg Model” and currently consists of six members and several assessors. Currently, 36 beds are cultivated, there are 41 active gardeners and 50 other members who support the association.

The association with all its activities, the garden, events and projects is financed by the support of the city of Bayreuth, as well as by donations and contributions from members and supporters.

If you want to know more about the structure of our association, you can find our statutes here or write us an email.

Working groups

TransitionHaus Bayreuth e.V.
Bunt statt Braun
Evangelisch-Lutherische Auferstehungskirche Saas
Evangelisches Bildungswerk Oberfranken Mitte

LBV Kreisgruppe Bayreuth
Rotary Club Bayreuth-Eremitage
Stadt Bayreuth
Forum 1.5