Our Garden

Our garden is located on the outskirts of the Saas district at Glockenstraße 32. Since 2006 we have been landscaping the 2750m² area provided by the city of Bayreuth. The area is divided into a communal area and individual beds that can be designed individually. Over the years, fruit trees, hedges, a playground and a clay oven have been added. Furthermore, new projects are implemented in the garden every year in communal building campaigns. Thus, piece by piece, our garden has become a homely meeting place.

Community area

In the communal area there is a playground with a sandpit, a wicker pavilion and a slide for our little visitors to run around and play. For communal use there is a toilet block with water and electricity, a tool shed and a garden house with a veranda. We collect our irrigation water in five rainwater cisterns. If these should be empty, the water supply is ensured by a water tap and hose. In our composting area, garden residues are turned into new humus, which serves as the basis for a successful harvest and colourful blossoms. For events, we have a large open space, a seating arena for about 100 people, as well as a barbecue and a clay oven. Our animal garden inhabitants are also catered for with nesting aids and a wild bee wall.

Flowerbeds/ Vegetable patch

The 25 beds with an average of 30m² are individually designed by families, groups and individuals. Whether raised beds, crater beds or a sea of flowers, there are no limits to imagination and gardening skills. We do not use any chemical aids.