• Start to the new Gardening Season at the Bondfire

    Start to the new Gardening Season at the Bondfire

    With a great evening around the campfire, we officially started the new garden year at the end of March. The rain disappeared right on time and everyone who came to the garden was rewarded with a beautiful sunset. To start, Amelie from Caredu, an initiative at TransitionHaus, entertained us with a game which shows that lemons are not always all yellow, sour and round. Each one is unique if you look closely enough. Just like each and every one of us. Of course, there was also something to eat. Bread was baked over the campfire and the lentil soup and rice were gone faster than you could take pictures of them. A wonderful evening in the garden and a great start to the new gardening year.

  • Autumn Festival at the Garden

    Autumn Festival at the Garden

    There is no bad weather, only wrong clothes! This was the motto of the autumn festival of the Gardens of Encounter on 25.09.2022. Many hard-working helpers prepared everything in the morning in bright sunshine for a beautiful afternoon in the garden. The tables were beautifully decorated with sloes, the clay oven was heated, vegetables were chopped, and colors were mixed. In view of the ambiguous weather forecast, everything was covered with pavilions as a precaution. Right on time with the first song of the band Karisma it started to rain. However, neither the band nor the guests were deterred by this. While some danced to the music under the pavilions with a hot soup in their hands, others brought color into the gray afternoon by painting calabashes under the guidance of Noel Anasael. We would have wished for sunshine, but fortunately cake tastes good even in the rain. A big thank you to all the hardworking hands and all the guests for a great afternoon! For the dismantling in the early evening, it stopped raining again.

  • Open-Air Cinema at the Garten

    Open-Air Cinema at the Garten

    It is always a great pleasure to spend a late summer evening with open-air films, freshly baked breads, warm veggie soup, great drinks and the lovely Gärten der Begegnung community. In the evening of August 27, our annual Open-Air Kino event took place in our beloved location in collaboration with the Kino ist Programm e.V. The VolXküche – Küche für Alle! team from the TransitionHaus Bayreuth catered delicious pumpkin soup, along with homemade flatbreads freshly baked in our wood-fired oven onsite, topped with vegetables and fresh herbs directly from our garden. Steps away from the oven, the Orga-team also set up a drink-fun station, providing attendees a wide range of refreshing drinks and popcorns. Amid the hot and dry summer of this year, the evening was surprisingly chilly and humid, yet it did not stop our enthusiastic members, friends and family from coming from every directions of the city. As the night fell, candles and twinkle lights were lit. The film team then showed a succession of short films, followed by the star of the night, the suprise film. Author and Pictures: Hui

  • Garden Concert with Adelle Nqeto

    Garden Concert with Adelle Nqeto

    On a warm summer evening of 22nd of July, the garden was filled not only with the sounds of birds and few gardeners exchanging gardening tips, but also a loud chattering – many locals and guest had gathered to listen to the singing of Adelle Nqeto.As she played the guitar and sang in her clear voice, people were quietly enjoying the evening, sipping some of the provided drinks and having a quick chat between the songs. Despite the shy atmosphere, the singer managed to inspire some people to sing along and put a smile on everyone’s faces.When the concert ended, people still lingered to enjoy the calm atmosphere, have a laugh with friends and some – to share their garden harvest. Cozy atmosphere, great music, tasty drinks and overall great Friday evening! Text: Daina Pictures: Felicia

  • Welcome to our new web page

    Welcome to our new web page

    While our garden has been in hibernation, Isabelle, Philipp and Leonie have been busy redesigning our website. We are happy to present you the result of many zoom meetings during the corona winter 2021/22. You are cordially invited to explore the website! If you still find one or two bugs, we would be happy to hear from you!By the way, the fantastic picture of the knapweed was taken in our garden. Maybe you will find it on one of the flower beds when you visit our garden in summer.

  • Bike stands

    Bike stands

    In another great gardening move, five bike racks have been installed next to the entrance to the gardens. Now you can safely plug in your bikes on your next visit. Many hardworking hands have also cleared out the shed, repainted the shelter from the clay oven, cleaned the toilet block, mowed the lawn and weeded a lot. For refreshments we had freshly baked bread from our clay oven and many delicious dips. Many thanks to all the hardworking helpers. It was a beautiful day.

  • Starting the gardening season

    Starting the gardening season

    On 26 April we started the new gardening season together. The big building activity was the construction of a Benjes hedge at the entrance to the gardens. With combined forces and expert support from die Summer, the work went quickly. A lot has also been done on the communal areas and in the flower beds. The new garden year can start.

  • Campfire and soup

    One afternoon in November, some hard-working volunteers lent a hand to work together in the garden for the last time this year. The last apples were harvested, the hedge was trimmed, the garden was made winter-proof and the construction of our bicycle racks was prepared. After the work was done, we ended the evening at the campfire. To warm up, we served home-made soup with pumpkin from the garden, bread on sticks and mulled wine for the older guests.

  • Cinema Open-Air 2021

    Cinema Open-Air 2021

    In the framework of Umsonst&Draußen there was a cinema open-air in the gardens on 14. August 2021 in cooperation with Kino ist Programm e.V., showing the film BUTENLAND. Drinks were served and members of the Volxküche offered pizza baked in our clay oven. baked in our clay oven.

  • New board

    New board

    Our annual general meeting on Thursday, 12.08.2021, was a great event! It showed that it is important to very many members, to help shape and live our community. We would like to thank all those who were there, and also those who could not come but supported us with their feedback. Above all, however, we thank the members of the new board who have who have agreed to take over the responsibility for the association for the next time. For the next time: Eckhard Sabarth and Mohammed Murad Ali were already board members; New members are: Jule Diman-Heilingloh, Kirsten Schulze, Robin Frisch, Felicia Nitsche; Thank you also to the elected advisory board members who want to support the board: Leonie Gass, Hanza Diman, Michel Hasselwander, Simon Pirkelmann, Isabelle Schrade, Petra Schüler, Timothy James Smith, Philipp Wessiepe. The first meeting of the new board will take place in mid-September.

  • Winter Rest

    Winter Rest

    The garden is waiting for spring. Nevertheless, there is much to discover. Between the strawberry leaves, the yellow blossoms of the winterling peep out. The buds of the redcurrant are still tightly closed.

  • New raised beds

    New raised beds

    From various donations we were able to put up new raised beds in the garden, which will make the work easier especially for older gardeners.

  • Mice babies relocated

    Mice babies relocated

    In our community garden, where pesticide use is completely avoided according to our gardeners’ agreement, not only various plants feel comfortable, but also this family of mice. They have decided to raise their young in the raised bed box by the apple tree. However, we have carefully and cautiously relocated them a few centimetres further, as the box has been converted from a small compost to a raised bed again.

  • Work on the roof III

    Work on the roof III

    In the meantime, there has been more progress with the extension of the roof. For example, a new larger metal gutter has been installed. Hopefully we will not lose much water in the future, even during heavy rains.

  • Spruce needle liqueur

    Spruce needle liqueur

    I made another jar of spruce needle liqueur. All you need is rock candy, grain schnapps and a portion of fresh soft green shoots of the common spruce (picea abies). The spruce is easily recognised by the fact that all the needles grow individually on a small brown stem (“hump”), which makes the twigs very rough. I discovered an interesting phenomenon in my glass today: the liquid layer at the bottom is denser because of the dissolved sugar and a second layer of spruce tips floats on top of it! After taking the photo, however, I shook it well so that everything was well distributed.

  • Work on the roof II

    Work on the roof II

    Work on the roof has also continued in the meantime.

  • Flowers


    At the moment you can see a flowering ornamental quince and beautiful tulips in the garden. The top photo shows transplanted vegetables with small mounds of mulch. Cut grass and weeds are excellent for mulching because less water evaporates and less watering is needed. In addition, weeds are often suppressed. However, if you are afraid of a flood of weeds, make sure to use greenery without seeds and flowers as mulch.

  • It has snowed!

    It has snowed!

    This is nonsense, of course. It hasn’t snowed, even if that does happen in April from time to time. But you’d think it had when you see the snow-white sloes in the hedge of the garden! If all goes well, there will be lots of blue berries to harvest next winter, which Christel will use regularly to make jam, for example.

  • Tile tunnel and plant identification

    Tile tunnel and plant identification

    I have handed over my bed at the big apple tree to Leonie and Steffi, who are already very busy and have built a small tile tunnel. The circled plant is perennial cabbage. The picture above shows an oatroot plant. Oatroot is an old vegetable flowers beautifully blue and has self-seeded on many other beds. Its roots can be prepared and eaten like salsify.

  • Work on the roof

    Work on the roof

    The building project to renew and enlarge the roof is still in progress. Michael Kulzer laid the foundations to support the roof extension on 20.03.2020. Work will continue shortly.

  • Winter fire with stick bread

    Winter fire with stick bread
  • Sparda Christmas benefit campaign successfully completed

    Sparda Christmas benefit campaign successfully completed

    A total of 42,000 euros was collected for three regional institutions – recipients are Treffpunkt e. V. Nuremberg, Förderverein der Spiel- und Lernstuben e. V. Erlangen and the association “Gärten der Begegnung – Interkulturelle Gärten Bayreuth e. V.” – Successful cooperation of Sparda-Bank Nuremberg with the “Freude für alle” campaign of the Nürnberger Nachrichten newspaper Northern Bavaria – In the past few weeks, the people of Northern Bavaria have once again demonstrated that they share Sparda-Bank Nürnberg eG’s sense of social responsibility. The Sparda Christmas benefit campaign 2019/2020 has once again achieved a great donation result of 42,000 euros. The money will now benefit three social institutions from the region in equal parts: Treffpunkt e. V. Nuremberg, Förderverein der Spiel- und Lernstuben e. V. Erlangen and the association “Gärten der Begegning – Interkulturelle Gärten Bayreuth e. V.” – each initiative can therefore look forward to a grant of 14,000 euros. Stefan Schindler, Chairman of the Board of Sparda-Bank Nuremberg, sums up: “The Sparda Christmas benefit campaign was once again a great success. It is also an expression of the great solidarity and willingness to help in the region. The donations can do a lot of good – for the community, for children and young people and for integration.” Making a difference for the weak benefit campaign was once again carried out in cooperation with the “Joy for All” campaign of the Nürnberger Nachrichten. A great commitment to social participation unites the three beneficiary institutions: Treffpunkt e. V. from Nuremberg uses the language of music to reach young people from socially weaker families. In the “raise your voice” project, they can process their worries and thoughts in their own pieces of music. The inclusive project “Learning to swim through play” by Spiel- und Lernstuben e. V. from Erlangen focuses on the joy of movement in water. Children with special developmental risks are gently introduced to the element of water and swimming and can gain more self-confidence through the specific teaching units. The association “Interkulturelle Gärten e. V.” creates cross-generational and cross-national encounters in green spaces in Bayreuth. On an area of 2,400 square metres, plants are planted, weeded and harvested together – and along the way, appreciative togetherness is lived.