Get Active

Join In!

There are many different ways to get involved in the garden. For example:

  • Take over, plant and maintain a vacated bed or a new raised bed (depending on availability).
  • gardening in the communal areas, maintaining trees, hedges and lawns
  • make repairs and carry out new building and handicraft projects (including new raised beds, hedgehog house, nesting boxes, watering, improving the oven and huts)
  • to help organise events
  • And much more.

We have a garden meeting every month, just come along and meet us (link to diary).

Become a member!

We are always happy to welcome new members, whether supporting or actively gardening.

Please contact us via the following email address:


If you would like to support the Gardens of Encounter, you are welcome to transfer your donation to the following account: Sparda-Bank Nuremberg, IBAN: DE72760905000003741702, BIC: GENODEF1S06

We are recognised as a non-profit organisation. You can take your donation for us into account in full in your tax return.