Herbal walk and green Smoothies

The warm, sunny Saturday afternoon called for refreshment. We met in the garden to look for herbs together and rewarded ourselves with a delicious green smoothie.

First, we learnt what is important in a green smoothie: it consists of fruit as a flavour carrier, liquid and green superfood wild herbs, which we collected together. In addition, a smoothie blender should run at least 25,000 revolutions per minute to break down the cellulose of the cell walls and make the valuable nutrients of the herbs easily available. This also gives the smoothie its creamy, “smooth” consistency.

In the community gardens we collected stinging nettle (the seeds are a considerable source of protein), young dandelion leaves, goutweed, ribwort plantain, a beetroot leaf (which contains about three times as much iron as the beetroot tuber) and also some garlic okra (which fortunately doesn’t give off too much garlic flavour to the smoothie). Together with fruit such as apple and banana and some apple juice, everything is mixed into a creamy green smoothie. An avocado is also added, including the pit – we were amazed at how quickly the pit is crushed. The green refreshment tasted wonderful to all participants, big and small!

Text: Hanna; Photos: Petra