New board

Our annual general meeting on Thursday, 12.08.2021, was a great event! It showed that it is important to very many members, to help shape and live our community.

We would like to thank all those who were there, and also those who could not come but supported us with their feedback.

Above all, however, we thank the members of the new board who have who have agreed to take over the responsibility for the association for the next time.

For the next time:

Eckhard Sabarth and Mohammed Murad Ali were already board members;

New members are:

Jule Diman-Heilingloh, Kirsten Schulze, Robin Frisch, Felicia Nitsche;

Thank you also to the elected advisory board members who want to support the board:

Leonie Gass, Hanza Diman, Michel Hasselwander, Simon Pirkelmann, Isabelle Schrade, Petra Schüler, Timothy James Smith, Philipp Wessiepe.

The first meeting of the new board will take place in mid-September.